What questions will we ask when we visit?

A briefing for a garden may run to several pages and include many questions.

We will not ask you to fill in a questionnaire, as our approach is conversational. The key areas we will cover include:

  • How you intend to use the garden: relaxing, entertaining, children, pets and so on.
  • How much time you have to work in the garden yourself and what you like to do.
  • Your ideas for the garden, whether they are quite general or very specific at this stage. What you seen elsewhere that you like. Anything that you particularly would and would not like to have in it.
  • Your likes and dislikes –colours for example.
  • Views of the garden from rooms in the house where you spend time.


We will also take account of the style of your property, the characteristics of the garden itself, including soil, shelter, aspect, etc. as well as the outlook from the garden.